Part travelogue, part diary

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here begins a weekly submission to the San Gerardo Blog which is intended to be for interest only and by no means represents anyone else’s opinion but mine (the author) and is as likely full of inaccuracies as any personal observations. So don’t take it too seriously!

The diary represents my one year stay in San Gerardo de Rivas – my getting there and setting up house, learning the ropes and the language, participating, running our project (Proyecto San Gerardo), meeting friends and hopefully fitting in.

Why me? Well, I am lucky enough to be the original author of this website ( so I have access! But I hope the blog will attract comments, challenges and questions that can spur more dialogue – however at this point only in English.

Here goes…

January 31st

Arrived after spending 2 days sick in San Jose and saving a ton on usual splurges

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at my favourite restaurant

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– Café Mundo. MUSOC and taxi got us into San Gerardo by 3 p.m. and we took stock. The house I had built in 2008 was still standing, and apart from a lack of all conveniences it provided shelter AND now hot water! What a blessing!

The hot air had already hit my northern skin, but now the clamour of joyful birds and

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the sight of veranera (aka bougainvillea) added to the reality that Canadian winter was behind me and the scant few months of dry, beautiful summer in high altitude Costa Rica had arrived.