We are so pleased to announce a new Arts & Culture page on this website. Up to now visitors have not been able to see the rich artistic talent that exists in the Chirripo area, but this webpage will help to promote one of our most famous and prolific painters.

Carmen Monge lives in the tiny village of Los Angeles alongside San Gerardo and paints in a folkloric style, capturing the life and times of people around her throughout her life. She paints people picking coffee, baking pan casero, climbing on the bus to go to town, making tamales together and raising their children. The bright, dynamic pictures throb with the life of the communities of these valleys and the values and interests of Costa Rica’s campesino culture.

You can visit her beautiful gallery, pick up a travel-sized painting or ornament and you will always have a vibrant reminder of your time spent here.

We hope to add more artists, musicians and craftspeople as time goes on. Enjoy!