Hikiung Mt Chirripo

For years and years visitors have told us how hard it is to buy tickets to enter Chirripó National Park. Reservations by phone were near impossible as it took ages for anyone to pick up the phone, and then so many dates were already full by the time their call was answered. The booking process was long and complicated and even more so if calling from overseas.
Nothing new to report – but changes are s-l-o-w-l-y being made! The Parks Office (a branch of MINAE – the Ministry responsible for the Environment and Energy) knows very ell how difficult it is for people to book their tickets.
As of last year a new telephone number with more lines was instituted for people calling FROM WITHIN Costa Rica. It is 905-2447747. If calling from overseas the number is still (+506) 2742-5348 and you still need a ton of patience to wait for someone to pick up.

However, there are 2 hopeful signs:

• Fiber optic cables have been laid to the Parks Office to provide high speed internet. The plan is to have an online reservation system available globally sometime this spring/summer. Keep an eye on this site: http://www.sinac.go.cr/Paginas/Inicio.aspx where an announcement will be made when online reservations are launched.

• There are many private but local companies who have started up to offer guided hikes on Chirripó. Many of them have Facebook pages that you can visit. If you really can’t face doing the bookings yourself you can contact them with an idea of the dates you are interested in and you can join one of their groups. For starters see: Caminatas Al Chirripó, Caminatas Guia Chirripó, and Guia Chirripó por Uran (the latter is a longer hike over 2 peaks: Uran and Chirripó)

Check out the information we have posted in detail at Mt Chirripo and FAQ’s
Once we have more reliable information we will post changes to the system. We can also endeavour to answer your general questions, but we cannot make reservations and don’t have any ‘insider’ information!
Enjoy your Chirripó trek!