It’s summertime! It’s that time of year – when all the communities celebrate the new year and the sunshine with community fiestas or parties! Each fiesta is distinctly different so it’s worth trying to get to more than one. What they have in common is that members of the community get together to host a wonderful weekend of fun and food in order to raise funds to maintain their roads, community centers etc. What a fun way to fundraise!

Here are the dates of upcoming fiestas:

San Jose de Rivas: January 6/7
Visit the new Sendero los Gigantes and collaborate with the carbon neutral tree project.

Canaan de Rivas:January 12 – 14
Traditionally Canaan hosts a beautiful parade of working carts pulled by oxen and horses decorated in their finest regalia. Bingo, delicious food and ice cream, dancing and much more!

Herradura de Rivas:January 26 – 28
The second year of the marathon Campo Traviesa Herradura this cross-county run, together with the ever-popular cabalgata (cross-country horse marathon passing through various pueblos) will draw lots of crowds. Football and food too!

Carrera Chirripo and Fiesta San Gerardo de Rivas February 16 – 18
Probably the biggest of all the Chirripoi Race is now into its 30 + edition and everyone is holding their breath to see if this year the 3 hour + record can be broken.
Combined with the finals of the local Campeonata de Football this fiesta draws large crowds and is guaranteed fun!

Get down to one or all of the local fiestas! A true taste of Costa Rica!