Living and volunteering in San Gerardo de Rivas is truly a unique experience to anywhere else in the world. San Gerardo has a small town atmosphere buried deep in the mountains of Costa Rica. With a population around approximately 300 people, it is truly a different world than the city. Volunteering in San Gerardo is truly an amazing experience being able to help the locals learn English as well as new skills and trades.

Volunteering in San Gerardo

I have been living in San Gerardo for the past two months while volunteering with Proyecto San Gerardo. Proyecto San Gerardo was established in 2007 with the goal of aiding the community of San Gerardo and neighboring villages to be self-sustaining. The organization helps members of the community generate local income through four major ways:

  • Helping to develop the skills needed for the community to engage in ecotourism and small business ventures in an environmentally friendly way
  • Promoting San Gerardo as a tourist destination
  • Supporting the needs of women and youth in the community
  • Supporting ​San Gerardo’s own development initiatives, building on local skills.

At Proyecto San Gerardo I am currently volunteering in their Amigos Ingles program, as well as teaching website development classes. While here, I am staying at the lovely Vista Al Cerro, located just a few meters from the Proyecto San Gerardo office. The hotel / hostel offers cheap housing and affordable meals for guests. Vista al Cerro is run by a lovely mother and son staff, Dona Eneida and Syvianni. The hotel / hostel provides an authentic Costa Rican experience, with local food, music and people visiting.

If you are planning on Volunteering in San Gerardo, I highly recommend Proyecto San Gerardo. The organization offers amazing free education opportunities to the community. Additionally, Proyecto San Gerardo provides the volunteer with a unique and authentic Costa Rican experience. If you are interested in getting involved, follow the link below:

For more information about how you can get involved with Proyecto San Gerardo, visit their website.

More About San Gerardo

San Gerardo de Rivas is located directly before Cerro Chirripó, the tallest mountain in all of Costa Rica. The small town receives a surge of tourists and foreigners during the high season, usually wanting to hike the mountain. In fact, a large portion of San Gerardo’s economy reliant upon the tourism for the mountain. A lot of the town’s revenue is earned during the high season, helping out the small businesses and tour guides.

Find out more information on everything you need to know to hike Cerro Chirripó.

Along with Cerro Chirripó, San Gerardo also has another great hiking spot called Cloudbridge Nature Reserve. It is located next to the Cerro Chirripó entrance, but offers a completely different hiking experience. Cloudbridge is like a hidden rainforest in the mountains, with scenic views, waterfalls, and exotic birds and animals.

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