Dancers compressed

February: generally 3rd Saturday
Carrera Chirripó – 4 day fiesta to celebrate the annual international race up Mt Chirripó

June: 3rd Sunday in the month
Father’s Day: celebration by schoolchildren in the School

August 2 – Patrona de Costa Rica – virgen de los Ángeles

August 15 – Día de las Madres
Celebration by schoolchildren in the School

August 19 – Aniversario Chirripó
Fiesta and exposition by MINAE (Parks Commission) and the Asociacion de Arierros y Porteadores featuring conservation and outdoors activities

September 9 – Dia del Niño
Celebration by schoolchildren in the School

September 15 – Independance Day
Celebrated everywhere but especially with the Desfile de Faroles – a candlelit parade of crafted houses held aloft by singing children.

October 16, 17, 18: Día de Patrona San Gerardo
Fiesta hosted by the Catholic Church including soccer tournament, bingo, karaoke, typical Costa Rican food.

December 3, 4, 5: Fiestas del Pueblo para Navidad
Christmas celebrations organized by the Church for the community.