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CATURCOCHI is the organization that developed out of the need to jointly promote the communities of Pacific Chirripó for development, strengthening and promotion of tourism within rural community sustainability guidelines.

Our mission is to promote sustainable tourism development throughout the Chirripó region, within a nature conservation framework, as well as promote a strengthening of rural community tourism through the integration of businesses and residents of the communities in the Chamber of Commerce to good practice and implementation of integrated sustainable development of tourism and everyday life of the community.

We now have over 40 members including hotels, guides and local rural attractions seeking to supplement the main activity in the area which is visiting Chirripó National Park. It is important to mention that these 40 members are distributed in all five communities at the foot of Mt. Chirripó, namely: San Gerardo, Herradura, Canaan, Chimirol and Los Angeles that all belong to the district of Rivas de Perez Zeledon.

We have collaborated in promoting the activities in the area, and produced promotional materials including brochures, maps and digital information.

CATURCOCHI seeks to guide and position sustainability in the region, which enables and encourages the members and the general public to implement good environmental practices in their daily tasks providing a better quality of life for us and future generations.

Promoting rural tourism is a means to achieve an improvement in the local economy as well as being an important tool in preserving the identity of Costa Rican customs, traditions and beliefs, which in turn are invaluable to an attractive tourist activity.

At present we are open to partnerships and to provide facilities for the completion of professional education in various areas of tourism locally.

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