The village of San Gerardo de Rivas has a population of approximately 350, with an additional thirty or so non-locals who have made their homes, permanent or temporary, in the area. Originally, the mountain area was cleared by settlers looking to farm the rich soils of the valley.

Evidence of early farming can be seen in the countless trails that fan out in the local hills, and both working and non-working trapiches – the ox-driven sugar mills of times gone by.

Many of the families have lived in the area for countless generations, and the Community Hall has a wall of photographs of the founding families and some of their history.

Local decision making is the responsibility of the Community Association (Asosiación de Desarrolla de San Gerardo de Rivas) who should be contacted for use of the community halls, tournament use of the soccer field or other amenities.

The village has an Elementary School with four classrooms, a Church, restaurants and bars, and stores where food and non-food supplies can be purchased. Cellphone connectivity has reached San Gerardo, and internet access is available by phone or at many of the hotels.


Other basic services include: certified drinking water, electricity, and a visiting doctor every 15 days.