Spanish is spoken almost exclusively in San Gerardo de Rivas. Many of the hotels now offer service in English, but you will enjoy your stay much more if you have a basic Spanish vocabulary for greetings, questions and simple exchanges. Any attempts to speak in Spanish will be warmly received – so give it a try!

Simple phrases:

Buenos dias or Hola – Good day, hello
Ciao or Adios – Goodbye
¿Como esta (usted)? – How are you?
Con permiso – Excuse me
(No) hablo espanol – I (don’t) speak Spanish
(No) entiendo –I (don’t) understand
Me llamo… My name is…
Quiero…I want
¿Sabe…? Do you know…?
¿Tiene…? Do you have…?
¿Cuanto es? How much is…?

For more useful expressions see: Fodor’s