The ultimate in Costa Rica hiking is to reach the summit of Mount Chirripó – Cerro Chirripó. To see the famous crestones with your own eyes, to wake above cloud level and view sunrise from the peak, will make memories forever.

You will come back with amazing pictures after you conquer this climb; but first some considerations:

  • You must be fairly fit to attempt this climb. It is long, in sections steep, and the weather can change drastically between base and peak.
  • Take the elevation seriously. It will affect you!
  • You can explore Mount Chirripó as a day hike, but most people prefer to spend the night in the dormitory lodge two thirds of the way up, before making an ascent on the peak. In order to preserve this pristine wilderness camping is not permitted on Mount Chirripó. You will need to make arrangements in advance for accommodation and meals.
  • Everything you pack in must be packed out – have a suitable backpack and pack sensibly.

Arranging your Hike:
Note: You cannot hike Mount Chirripó without first buying a park entrance ticket.

The reservation system is under the control of the Parks Board and we at this website cannot help you make a reservation. Sorry!

If you wish to spend more than a day on Mount Chirripó the reservation process is now 2-part:
1) Reserving your admission to Parque Nacional Chirripó
2) Reserving accommodation, meals and other services
These two stages are separate and have to be done in sequence – first reserve your admission!
Mount Chirripó is open year round! No closures.

Reservations for climbing Mount Chirripó are currently made ONLINE ONLY:
First you need to create an account and then make a reservation similar to shopping online.
NOTE: the reservation system supports Chirripó hiking from both San Gerardo and San Geronimo start sites. Be sure to select San Gerardo!

– You can now reserve for 3 nights in total
– Booking is on the following system:
Dec 1 – Feb 28 Reserve from 1st Monday of October-Feb 28
March 1- May 31 Reserve from 1st Monday of January-May 31
June 1 – Aug 31 Reserve from 1st Monday of April-Aug. 31
Sept 1 – Nov 30 Reserve from 1st Monday of July-Nov. 30

If you need to make inquiries the office is open from Monday to Friday from 8am-12am and 1pm-4pm Central American time) for visitors.

Park entrance: USD$18 + 13% tax for non-nationals
Booking for groups is limited to 4 – you must have names and ID’s (passport numbers) available for each person when you call.
Reservations are non-transferable and non-refundable

Once you have confirmed and paid for your park admission your accommodation is guaranteed. You will be given a special code to insert that indicates how much to pay when making your payment via bank transfer to Banco Nacional. This payment must be made before you arrive in San Gerardo as there are no banks in the village, or via bank transfer.

More information about reservations can be obtained through your hotel in San Gerardo who may also offer Chirripó packages.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The 10 a day walk-in reservations ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. ALL reservations must be made ahead online, but there are significantly more spaces available now.

These services are now delivered by the Chirripó Services – a community-based consortium of three groups including the Chamber of Commerce for Rural Tourism, the Association of Development in San Gerardo de Rivas and the Association of Porters, Guides and Cooks of Chirripó.
Tel: (506) 2742-5097 Monday – Friday 8 am – 12 pm and 1 pm – 4 pm


(includes sheet, pillow, blanket, sleeping bag) 17,625 colones per person per night
35,250 colones – 2 nights
52,875 colones – 3 nights
Rooms hold 4 people. There are 8 shared bathrooms and soap and towels are provided.
Check in is from 12 pm daily
Electric lighting is available ONLY 5 pm – 8 pm

Buffet style meals are provided at the following times:
Breakfast: 5:30 am – 8 am: 5,000 colones
Lunch: 12 pm – 2:30 pm: 6,250 colones
Dinner: 6:30 – 7:00 pm: 6,250 colones
Afternoon snacks are available and vegetarian options are available

If you bring your own food it has to be cold and you are responsible to take out ALL food scraps and packaging. Food can be purchased at local stores with cash or credit card.

To book accommodation, food and other services payment must be made via bank transfer, or on site if within 3 days of reserving your Park entrance fee. Inquire for the details when you contact the Chirripo Services.

Guides and Porters

A Guide can make your hike even more enjoyable! Check here for details on certified Guides available in San Gerardo.

You can also arrange for a Porter to carry your gear ahead of you on your hike. Visit the office of Porters and Guides (Asociacion de Arrieros, Guias y Porteadores Parque Nacional Chirripó) at Chirripó Services to arrange a porter. The porters will transport your gear to and from Mount Chirripó and have it waiting for you at the Lodge when you arrive. You can also arrange for guides through this office.

Open 12pm – about 8pm every day
Or call/fax 2742-5225

Porter Costs: 17,500 colones each 14 kilos
Pay in dollars, colones or by credit card in person, or by credit card over the phone.

Drop your gear off before 7pm the day before your hike.

Also, feel free to read additional useful information about hiking Mount Chirripó here: