One of the delights of San Gerardo is the number of opportunities to swim in fresh, clear waters as well as pools. You can choose between lounging in the pool at El Pelicano or the Aguas Termales; and a more invigorating swim in Rio Chirripó itself.

The river is accessible from many of the hotels listed, and at other points. Please ask permission to access the river if you are not staying in one of these hotels as much of the land is privately owned

Swimming pools are part of the services at Albergue de Montana El Pelicano and at Rio Chirripó Bed and Breakfast and Retreat. You may swim at Hotel de Montaña El Pelícano if you are not a guest at a small fee. The pool has a hot tub and BBQ facilities as well as change rooms. Rio Chirripó Bed and Breakfast offers a full scale spa.

Aguas Termales GEVI

DSC01930-300x169In San Gerardo there is a place where nature captivates, it brings a feeling a peace, a sense of tranquility unequal to anything else. It is an amiable place, friendly to all who visit.

After arriving at the entrance, you continue on to the thermal pools. Moving in that direction, you walk up a trail, and you can enjoy the natural beauty of plants, flowers, and trees of every kind.

There are two pools; the lower pool is the first you will encounter, fed by thermal spring number two. The second appears farther along the trail, fed by thermal spring number one. Both pools offer comfort, beauty, and clear water, in harmony with nature.

DSC00991-225x300Location: You can find Aguas Termales Gevi in San Gerardo de Rivas. On the road to Herradura take the second bridge on the right. You may drive your car up to the entrance. Alternatively, if the road is too steep for your vehicle, or if you don’t have a 4X4 drive, you may also park in Parqueo Las Rosas. At the entrance you will find a small restaurant where you can also purchase your tickets to enter the hot springs.

Other services include:

  • towels and swimming trunks for rent
  • restaurant adjacent to the pools open weekends and holidays 9a.m.-3p.m.
  • our restaurant caters for special occasions. Call Dennia: 2-742-5016.
  • camping area
  • trail to coffee plantation
  • no alcohol permitted

Aguas Termales Gevi is open to the public from 7 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. every day.

There are two pools; the higher one is better suited to families with children as it is shallower. There are changing facilities with a shower, and you are welcome to stay as long as you wish.

Fees: $5.00 (2,500 colones – Costa Rican nationals)
Non-nationals pay 3,500 colones ($7)

Stay overnight and enjoy the pools at your leisure:
More information: (506)-2-742-5210 or (506)-2-742-5016