Quetzal-2-1If one of your main reasons for visiting Costa Rica is to catch sight of a toucan, find out what epiphytes (air plants) look like, or enjoy the sunsets, you will not be disappointed in San Gerardo.

Set in the cloud forest of mountainous south central Costa Rica this natural gem remains unspoiled and teeming with natural life. San Gerardo is also a photographer’s heaven for capturing up close images of flowers, butterflies, birds and tropical vegetation, or big open vistas of mountains, waterfalls, rivers and more.

What’s more, the people in San Gerardo can help you learn about the flowers, trees, fruit, birds and animals – as well as the stories of the mountains and the medicinal properties of the plants. Trained bilingual guides are available to help you locate what species you are looking for, get the best photo, or explain the complex and enormously varied ecosystem.

Junco-vulcani-298x300Take advantage of guides who will help you make the most of your attempt to get know the area and capture the best pictures possible. Pack your camera and binoculars for these tours! Walk through virgin forest to view old growth trees and see birds and butterflies only found at the higher altitudes of Chirripo. The unique views of surrounding mountains and villages from this vantage point are spectacular.

David Elizondo – Bird Watching Tours

David has 8 years of experience leading bird watching tours, and a complete understanding of the wildlife of the area.

Please contact David for more details about the length and cost of tours. For more information or to reserve a tour, contact:

(506) 8857-3796