This volunteer experience has been so worthwhile and rewarding for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the people, the classes, the town. An experience I shall never forget.

Whether you are here for a week or living in San Gerardo permanently there are volunteer opportunities available for you!

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, to contribute in a meaningful way to your community, or to spend time on your vacation really getting to know the culture, the people and the language of Costa Rica.

Check out the following programs that actively recruit volunteers. To “get involved” please use the contact information provided in the links.

CARRERA CHIRRIPO: short term opportunities to help San Gerardo host the annual race up Mt. Chirripo in February.

BANDERA AZUL ECOLOGICA: short, medium and long term opportunities to work with this national program and conserve San Gerardo´s natural beauty.

CLOUDBRIDGE RESERVE: short, medium and long term volunteer opportunities conserving natural cloudforest and conducting scientific research.

PROYECTO SAN GERARDO: medium and long term volunteer opportunities in community development.

For General Questions:

Contact Jenny.